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Our Quality and Fit

We are honoured to work with the best designers, pattern cutter, grader and manufacturers in the the UK.


The importance of how a Parasol Rose design fits the body and how it feels on and how it stays in place when wearing is as important as the design and we think we have the most unbelievably talented team to ensure that every design we ever create will be perfect. 


Together we have created the most extraordinarily beautiful designs that not only look incredible but they fit and feel sensational.



We use the finest silks (mostly with a tiny bit of stretch to make the pieces feather soft to wear and are unbelievably comfortable and surprisingly hard wearing).  For lace trims, we are using French leavers laces which are so pretty and light and soft adding such a pretty  detail which flows beautifully with the silk.


The laces are soft and subtle too to ensure that wearing Parasol Rose feels ethereal and brings out your inner goddess!


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