About Mim

Mim Quin-Harkin has a love of beautiful things, well made, lasting and individual.

Her childhood was eccentric and interesting with many people from all different walks of life passing through the house on a hill in Gloucestershire. 

Both sets of grandparents had travelled extensively and lived abroad in places such as India and Malaysia as children so there were things around their homes that were unusual and well crafted and beautiful.  One grandmother seemed to have a huge amount of party dresses and jewellery and another had beautiful items.  (ceremonial silk elephant riders trousers being an example of the wonders of granny's dressing up box)

Her childhood was much less exotic and based in Gloucestershire. where she had her first proper job as a saturday girl in a wonderful hat shop that sold beautiful creations started her love affair with elegance, style and quality really started to take off.

Earning money and London called and Mim always made time to learn crafts such as shoe making and millinery in her spare time.   

After stints working in Insurance, Advertising and Fashion retail Mim started freelancing as a stylist and producer loving every second as the challenge is to know where to get things and what will work in camera and be the right look and feel for the client.

Trying to find slips and camisole tops that were gorgeous on and useful was proving hard to find, so two years ago Mim started on her journey to set up Parasol Rose as a place where women would be able to find something to go underneath something, whether a chemise, camisole top or half slip.

The business aim is to:

 - Create gorgeous 'useful' designs that will be cherished

 - Perfect fit and quality

 - Made with as little impact on the environment as possible (currently made in UK)

 - Ethical

 - Create Jobs in the UK and maintain the amazing skills set 

Mim is delighted to launch Parasol Rose and is working with a brilliant team who all bring their magic to make it happen.

This is the start of a long journey for Mim and a life passion, so she hopes you will love her timeless and elegant wardrobe cherished pieced for a long time and keep coming back for more.

Do contact us if you would like to know more.