Mim Quin-Harkin is so excited and proud to be launching Parasol Rose as the place to go to find perfect luxury foundation pieces.

We are so passionate about beautiful underdressing solutions and we wanted to share our gorgeous designs because we just know you will love them too!  

We have used the finest silks and French laces to create designs that capture the essence and elegance of vintage style that you will adore and be able to wear how you like. Each piece could be worn as a solution as underwear or to compliment an outfit such as a cool blazer and jeans, by itself as a slip dress or for lounging (elegantly) at home.  

Each design has been carefully crafted to fit our natural curves beautifully and every element of the garment has been considered to ensure you will be delighted with your purchase and it will fit and feel beautiful. 


We are very proud to be making in the UK from the finest silks and french laces too.

We want you to be able to choose the colour and styles that will work for you and your style.  Choosing from our collection will be easy as the essence behind every design is that you will feel utterly gorgeous, sensual, confident, secure and wonderful.

We hope that you will love the designs and feel so special with the gorgeous natural and wonderful silk next to your skin.

We will be adding more design and colours as often as we can with the aim of fulfilling your luxurious underdressing dreams and needs.

The products can also be used as bed wear too and are especially handy for weekends away or last minute sleep overs.....

We hope you will love our designs as much as we do!

With love from