Grace Collection

The 'Grace Collection' is perfect for everyday luxury and our first trend offer are the wonderful camisole tops in the Carnival collection.

The slips and camisole tops are designed to be worn with a bra unless you plan to use it as a negligee.

The Essential must have pieces can be found in the 'Grace Collection' so called as the style helps us to create our own aura of graceful modern vintage style that is pure and simple and should reflect the elegance of Grace Kelly and the name itself.

The 'Grace Collection' offers elegant wardrobe essential slips, camisole tops in two lengths to suit trousers or a skirt and a half slip.

All the pieces are available in Black, Nude and Ivory as we think every girls should have one of everything in each colour to feel special everyday.   

Seasonal colours will be added that will work with the current seasons trend colours each season.

Please get in touch if you need a specific colour as we aim to help you have what you would like.