Style and Design

Welcome to Parasol Rose.

Our designs are made for real women with style.

Our timeless designs are always in fashion and are key wardrobe pieces for all seasons and lifestyles. They are elegant, beautifully designed and are wardrobe luxury staples.

The designs  are a perfect marriage of contemporary style that transcneds the seasons to delight and entrance.

The feeling of wearing one of our pieces just oozes happiness as the fit and quality are delightful as well as the designs being stunning.

We design with the female form in mind as we know how to dress real women to feel her absolute best, both for confidence and sensuality and to be part of the sense of self that we wish to portray.

Top fashion and celebrity stylists choose us for their clients as they know we offer the most beautiful and elegant designs in the most stunning fabric and colours.

We are unbelievably proud of our designs and we want you to love and cherish our pieces too!

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