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Five ways to wear a slip dress

The slip dress; it’s never really been ‘out of vogue’ since its Kate Moss heyday back in the 90’s, but is it truly back ‘in’ fashion? 

Fortunately, todays slip-styling options are plentiful, layering over, under, any which way, dress it up, dress it down, stripes, fluff and simple t’s.  Now we aren’t all glamazonian models – so the burning question is, can the slip dress suit the bigger busted, more regular gals? Enter Parasol Rose; the finest slip-maker in the land…ready to wear AND made to order pieces available in 5 different sizes, an array of colours, plus 4 varying cup sizes from + to ++++. 

This ONE slip dress will transition you from summer to autumn in one swish of silk…just remember to utilise the basics you already have in your wardrobe to create your 5 brand spanking new looks.

Here’s my guide on ‘how to wear a slip dress 5 ways’:

1. Simple layering with a white t-shirt staple. Add drama with retro socks and statement stripe jacket for extra wow factor.

2. Clash up the colour with baby pink and mix in ruffles by adding a skirt on top of the slip.

3. I stipulate stripes to jazz up any look these days.  Knot the front to customise and create feminine lines with the hem.

4. GO for GLAMOUR, add one statement coat and you’re ready for anything.

5. Dress it down and keep it snug with a chunky knit, tuck up one side to modernise.


Grace Midi Slip Dress